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My Sleep Card

The sleep card is a tool to help children learn to fall back to sleep on their own.

Your child can present this card to you if they wake up in the night. They can exchange it for something brief, like a small hug, a kiss, or a glass of water. You can decide with your child what to exchange and write this down on the sleep card.

The card can only be used once per night. As soon as your child uses it, they should pass the card to you. You can return it to your child the following night so that they can reuse it, if necessary.

If your child does not use the card all night, they can win a “sleep point”. If they collect a certain number of points (five for example), they are rewarded with a special gift.

Rewards can be small gifts or a special outing with you and can be written on the reward card.

My Sleep Card, Reward Card and Sleep Point Record

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